Temps up and GPU load hits the roof = crash

By uffe38 · 5 replies
Dec 26, 2008
  1. Hi there, I play Warhammer online but figured you guys here helped me in the past so Ill show you the problem.
    After the last patch I really cant play anymore. After a few minutes, max 30 min 0,1, the game freezes and I have to reboot the comp.

    I have a Pentium 4 3,0 gig with 2 gig ram.
    My card is a ATI Radeon HD 3650 AGP (driver: ati2mtag / XP)

    This problem is getting really annoying.
    I downloaded a small prog so I could log the temp of the GPU while playing....and as always lately it crashed a few minutes into the game.
    I noticed a severe increase in temperature though.

    Here are parts of the log:

    Before starting the game:
    Date , GPU Core Clock [MHz] , GPU Memory Clock [MHz] , GPU Temperature [°C] , Fan Speed [%] , GPU Load [%] ,

    2008-12-26 10:32:05 722.0 495.0 39.0 47 0

    A minute into the game:
    2008-12-26 10:36:58 722.0 495.0 46.0 47 40

    At time of crash:
    2008-12-26 10:37:36 722.0 495.0 48.0 47 99

    The temp went up from 39 to 48 C, and the GPU Load went up to the roof....
  2. direwolf007

    direwolf007 TS Rookie Posts: 105

    48C is a low temperature for a modern GPU. No worries there. 99% GPU load isn't a problem for a GPU in working order.

    What are the CPU temps ?
  3. uffe38

    uffe38 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hehe, spent the last 20 minutes with trying to find a program that can log my cpu temp while crashing the game. Soon there I hope:)
  4. uffe38

    uffe38 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Finally managed to log it...but not much found there I'm afraid. It started at 39,0 and when the game froze it was 41,5.
  5. direwolf007

    direwolf007 TS Rookie Posts: 105

    Then the problem isn't temperatures. Do you have another video card you can swap in ? It might be pretty much anything, but prime suspects are the video card and memory. Try running with only one memory stick (If you have more than one) in different slots each time. If you find that one stick works and another doesn't, you found your culprit.
  6. uffe38

    uffe38 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Afraid I don't have any other memory card as I bought this one so I could play Warhammer. I also need both the 2 gigs to be able to play the game.

    When the game was realesed I was able to play fine, problems came after last major patch. Reading on their boards I see that the game dislikes ATI-cards...so maybe Im screwed:)
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