Terminal server time zone redirection fails

By rrrobbo
Jun 29, 2007
  1. We use Terminal servers in the UK for European colleagues to run a 3rd party app (Saleslogix aka SLX). These have been working well until the Italians came on board. We are finding that PCs with an Italian time zone do not automatically enforce the time zone on the TS. This causes errors in SLX. Strangely, when you look at the time zone on the TS, it looks OK. When you then click OK to close the time zone window, SLX automatically refreshes itself and everything is OK. But you go back to square one when you log off and back on the TS.

    Like I said, this is OK for other countries on the same time zone - it just seems to be with those that have an Italian OS. I cant find anything on the web for this as yet. There are no errors reported in the event logs on the TS servers.

    Any ideas ?
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  3. rrrobbo

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    SLX Italian OS

    Not really, but thanks for trying. I think we will have to push it back to the reseller
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