Tesla set to unveil its 'Cybertruck' electric pickup November 21

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A Wednesday tweet from Elon Musk revealed that Tesla plans to unveil its electric truck later this month. Dubbed “Cybertruck” by Musk, the vehicle’s design drew inspiration from the flying cars called Spinners in the movie Blade Runner.

Tesla will publicly showcase the truck at its design studio, which is on the grounds of the SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles on November 21. The location and date are coincidentally the setting and time of the movie Blade Runner — Los Angeles, November 2019. Its original reveal date was supposed to be in September until Musk postponed it. So maybe it is not such a coincidence.

Not much is known about the design, although fan renders (masthead) and a teaser image (below) are floating around online. Musk described it as “heart-stopping” with a “cyberpunk” look and feel.

Musk claims that the truck will have better utility than an F-150. It will also supposedly have higher performance than a Porsche 911, a claim that would seem far fetched until you see how fast Tesla’s electric semi-truck can take off. That beast can go from zero to 60 mph in five seconds unloaded and 20 seconds carrying an 80,000-pound payload.

The Tesla founder also said that the truck would have room for five passengers plus the driver. It will have a range of somewhere around 400 to 500 miles and will probably sell for about $50,000.

Musk teased a high-end variant that would sport twin engines and supposedly tow up to 300,000 pounds but didn’t give any other specifics.

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Uncle Al

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"The Tesla founder also said that the truck would have room for five passengers plus the driver. It will have a range of somewhere around 400 to 500 miles and will probably sell for about $50,000"

Now we know from experience that Musk is more than prone to stretch the truth BUT if he's able to bring it in at that cost and have that range he might just make out like a bandit, especially if he is able to release it BEFORE that new all electric F-150 comes out!

You know, if Musk would simply shut up and quit doing stupid things to draw attention to himself he could be in line for one of the greatest inventors of this century. He's come up and executed some pretty impressive things .... he just needs to let his accomplishments do the talking for him ..... yeah, I know, it will never happen, but if it did .......
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I like Teslas. However it takes Tesla about 3 years to go from announcing something to anyone being actually able to buy it.

Case in point: everything they have ever said ever. So I expect Ford to have beaten them to the punch by a ways with an electric F-150.
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You guy can have it. I think that is one of the ugliest vehicles I have ever seen. When you are proudly sporting that thing around, I will not be envious.
No one knows what the truck looks like. All those silly renders you see are just from internet imagination land. The image in this article came out of some random Instagram user's butt and is not based in reality.


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That is actually a relief. Unlike some around here, I want to stand behind Tesla.
Yeah, I hope they do well. Too many other car companies are just standing on the sidelines or barely making an effort when it comes to EVs. Tesla doing well would force their hand to make a real effort.
Utter garbage, as usual, from a company that slanders their namesake at every turn in every way. These guys don't even seem to know what electricity is to begin with.


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Oh the wait! 2 weeks remaining! If all the hype is true this will be one of the biggest things of 2019.