Text alert helps diver find iPhone lost for two days under 30 feet of water


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Cerys Hearsey was diving off the coast of Dorset in the UK on Saturday when her attention was drawn to the illuminated Apple handset. She picked it up and took the device back to shore. Amazingly, it was still in perfect working order and had 84 percent of its battery life left.

Hearsey checked the iPhone’s contacts list to try and find its owner. She discovered it belonged to a Canadian who had lost it while on a kayaking expedition with his UK-based cousin, Rob Smith. The phone was returned to Smith and is now being mailed back to Canada.

"My cousin can't believe it. He was upset at first and thought that he would have to pay another $900 for a new phone," Smith told the Mirror.

The iPhone 7 is classed as water-resistant rather than waterproof. Its IP67 rating means it can be submerged underwater at a depth of 1 meter of 30 minutes, but it’s not something Apple recommends, and the phone isn’t covered under warranty for any water damage.

We don’t know the make or model of the waterproof case that did such a good job of protecting the iPhone but don’t be surprised to see the company responsible using this story in its future ads.

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Impressive that it only used 16% of battery in 2 days, suggesting it was too deep to lock onto a signal and yet it still managed to receive a text.


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The title should have been about a good case protection, rather an iPhone surviving underwater.

Without the case, this $900 iPhone is as good as a brick in water.


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A driver with a surname of Hearsey... Doesn't that ring a bell? And I'm not even a native English speaker.

I mean, at least when you read that the iPhone still had 84% charge after two days of laying on the ocean floor, you can know that the story is totally fake.