The 32-core Threadripper 3970X is now available to buy


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We gave the third-generation 3970X Threadripper a score of 90 in November’s review. While it’s AMD’s most expensive desktop CPU ever, it does come with 128MB L3 cache, a base frequency of 3.7 GHz, and a boost of 4.5 GHz, not to mention those 32 cores and 64 threads.

While we often see processors with inflated prices soon after their launch, as was the case with the Ryzen 9 3950X, the Threadripper 3970X can be grabbed from Amazon for its $1,999 MSRP.

The 3970X blasted through our benchmark tests, showing excellent single-core performance along with amazing multi-core performance. You will need one of the new TRX40 motherboards with an sTRX4 socket to use the chip, and its 280TDP means a beefy cooling solution is required.

For those who can’t or won’t spend $2,000 on a CPU, the 24-core Threadripper 3960X is also available on Amazon for $1,453, which is $53 higher than its MSRP. Like its more expensive sibling, it also offers quad-channel DDR4 and a total of 88 PCIe 4.0 lanes, 64 of which can be used for devices such as SSDs and graphics cards.

For those who need multiple cores for workloads such as video editing, you can’t find a chip that offers better price vs. performance than the Threadripper 3970X, though the upcoming 64-core 3990X could steal its crown.

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Correction. It's actually 56 PCIe lanes available for devices, which is 4 less than its predecessor. 4 lanes less because AMD widened the available bandwidth between chipset and the CPU to dual x4 links. Old TR used only single x4 link (and 60 lanes for devices).

Gosh... read the platform specification.

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When is the 3990 coming out? And is there a 3980?
I had originally thought that the 64 core would be the 80 and the 90 would be a 128 core monster...

But I’ve heard that the 80 will be 48 cores instead.... and 64 for the 90...


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With all things equal. how much difference does quad-channel make in comparison to dual-channel?