The 5 best features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is out now and as we stated in our review, it really is fantastic device, especially from a hardware perspective. But just what are the best features you'll find in the S7 Edge? In the video above we take a quick look at some of the great things about the handset, and also discuss one area where it should improve.



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The 'edge' stuff just goes to waste cause I'd need a huge case just to hold the tiny phone. Without my otterbox, I can't hold or operate my S4. And without a removable battery, they would have won and I'd have had to upgrade by now. Instead I just replaced the failing battery and am good to go again for more years.
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This website is Samsung-inclined. There are LG, Sony, etc. too manufacturing alike or even better phones. Many Chinese phones are starting to shine too. Samsung WAS the king a few years ago, but now it's only the king regarding overprice.