The Audi E-Tron SUV replaces side mirrors with cameras


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Rather than featuring boring old traditional side mirrors on the exterior of the car, the crossover has optional winglets that feature rear-view cameras. These capture video that is output to the 7-inch OLED monitors fitted inside of the doors, just above the handles. Check out the clip below, courtesy of Auditography, for a closer look at this tech.

Not only does the lack of side mirrors make the E-Tron more aerodynamic, which improves driving range, but the screens also provide different views for highways, street corners, and parking. Drivers can adjust the camera angle and zoom in and out using their finger. They also have control of the passenger-side camera, presumably via dashboard controls.

The system might appear less safe than traditional mirrors— there are questions over whether they will provide any depth perception—but Audi says they offer both comfort and safety benefits.

Audi was set to launch the E-Tron in Brussels on August 30 but this was postponed following the arrest of CEO Rupert Stadler over his involvement in parent company Volkswagen’s ongoing Dieselgate scandal. The US launch is now planned for a later date that’s yet to be decided.

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TS Guru
Now when they get smashed, it is even more costly to get them fixed. Why no have them come out like a spoiler at high speed when the car is entered?


TS Addict
I don't trust Doug, he's a bit lightheaded, especially after driving a Chiron:
I find his ratings somewhat skewed and very subjective.
Heh, I often don't even watch the test ride, let alone the "Doug" score. I mostly just watch to see the "quirks and features" part.