The Best Gaming Monitors: 1440p, 4K, Ultrawide and HDR


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I already have the 42" Asus OLED PG42uq for one rig, and I am hoping to get the Dell 38" (3840 x 1600), because I am sick of my 34" 3440x1440p. 1440p doesn't have enough height.

But widescreen gaming is where it is at with FPS games...

Alfonso Maruccia

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I've just purchased a mighty Alienware AW2721D (27", 1440p, IPS, 240Hz, G-Sync Ultimate, HDR), and now I feed obliged to complain about its absence from the list :p


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What brand monitor is out fitted with electrolitic capacitors that have a long life span. Depending on heat you can only expect
5000 hours of life from capacitors in the monitor Power Supply.

They eventually will blow and leak fluid and dry up and become Effective Series Resistance with a too high value.
An open and it takes more than one to make your screen black. First annoying flickering problems and then other off and on problems until you have 4 or 5 blown capacitors and it will not power up.

Only a 2 year expected life from an expensive monitor, unless you want to open it and solder in a few capacitors that will give it another 2 or so years of use.