The Best Mice: Overall + Gaming, Wireless, Travel & More

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Nov 23, 2016
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  1. Anyone spending hours on their computer every day will tell you that having the right tools at hand is serious business. Deciding on the best mouse is a subjective process where several things come into play: intended use, feature set, grip style, price, and how comfortable a given device feels in your hand.

    Over the years we’ve tested some of the best mice on the market, but to come up with this list we combined our collective experiences with hundreds of reviews and users' feedback. We have simplified mouse recommendations since our last update, most notably combining what we believe is the best daily driver device that also happens to be the best mouse for gaming. In other words, what we came to conclude is that top gaming mice are usually the most comfortable to work long sessions as well -- plus, you probably don't juggle between mice depending on what you're doing, do you?

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  2. You're going to have to pry my Mionix Naos from my cold dead hands before I consider a new mouse.
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  3. mcborge

    mcborge TS Guru Posts: 426   +278

    Some nice rodents there but I will stick with my Roccat Kone XTD.
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  4. colinf

    colinf TS Enthusiast Posts: 47   +7

    yup..after 2 left click plagued deathadders changed to a Castor and love it
  5. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,146   +911

    Nothing Note worthy for us Lefties :'(
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  6. soulsassassin

    soulsassassin TS Addict Posts: 112   +47

    I'm a lefty but I had to adapt
  7. emmzo

    emmzo TS Booster Posts: 142   +37

    Naos was my fav for years, excelent mouse, never tired my hand, but a little clumsy software. Now I just bought a 502Proteus Core and it matches it on every aspect, plus it adds some really cool features. I tried a Deathadder, but I couldn`t get confortable with the grip, so I returned it. I`d say Proteus Core is the best mouse, considering is almost half the Deathadder price.
  8. orondf

    orondf TS Booster Posts: 94

    IMO the best travel mouse EVER is the Logitech m185. It runs for MONTHS on only ONE AA battery. It's ambidextrous. It costs only $25. The only complaint I have is that it's a bit small.
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  9. Robert3892

    Robert3892 TS Rookie

    I've tried razer and logitech and prefer Corsair.
  10. sauri

    sauri TS Member

    After using a Logitech G5 for 6+ years (still works but is heavily worn out) I've bought g502 proteus spectrum because of all the reviews and hype but found it not comfortable, too small, too low, the buttons are at wrong places. Still tried to get used to it, but the left button's switch got broken after 5 months. I also have a 2013 Razer Naga which I also found not comfortable at the time and used only for a couple of days before going back to G5, but after the g502 it feels great :D

    If I'd have to buy a new one today, it probably would be Asus ROG Gladius.
  11. I prefer a mouse that doesn't look like it has enough controls to drive the Starship Enterprise
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  12. Mithan

    Mithan TS Enthusiast Posts: 36   +29

    Been using the Death Adder for about 5 years now, replaced it once in 2014 with the 2013 version.

    Love it. Would buy it again when the current one dies.
  13. pan1c

    pan1c TS Rookie

    On my 3rd DeathAdder, amazing mouse yet to find a more comfortable one.
  14. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +67

    Bought a cyborg 5 a few years ago and was really annoyed by the movement when you lifted and placed it again on the mousemat. Most I've spent and I won't do it again.
  15. MoeJoe

    MoeJoe TS Guru Posts: 711   +380

    " It has an aggressive yet sleek ambidextrous design but this doesn’t come at the expense of comfort ... "

    Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum - -

    half off at BB.
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  16. Evernessince

    Evernessince TS Evangelist Posts: 2,101   +1,275

    The Roccat Kova+ is a pretty good lefty mouse. In fact it's a pretty great mouse if you're ambidextrous.

    On a different note, I've tried every mouse on this top list and all of them gave me wrist issues. Right now I'm sticking with the mionix naos and it's been pretty great. The only thing this mouse needs is the shallow click of the deathadder. The short click distance of the deathadder of just something no other mouse has yet. Logitech mice have the best sensor though. Excellent tracking, even on black glass. Logitech's buttons need work though. They need to take another cue from razor and make the buttons large and easy to press.
  17. waterytowers

    waterytowers TS Booster Posts: 101   +10

    Isn't that a sign of a poor quality device, 3 in the space of how long? I suppose if you dont mind buying regularly? I recently replaced a logitec mouse that was 10 years old. I bought a 303 logitec which is nice and simple and my research indicates is one of the more reliable mice available? Happy to hear otherwise...
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  18. mcborge

    mcborge TS Guru Posts: 426   +278

    I still have a logitech performance mx wireless that's still going strong. it was my primary rodent but now I use it with my media center NUC. Logitechs low end stuff really is low end and a false economy but their high end stuff is great and lasts a very long time.

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