The GUI: Change or Die

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Mar 30, 2010
  1. The GUI: Change or Die

    With a billion computer users, no one can dream up anything new? I am stunned by this creative rut.

    I think it is one very thought provoking piece of writing; about something which really hasn't changed much in reality since well medieval times (literally when talking about how far we have come on hardware side of the things).
  2. ucould2

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    The paradigm is shrinking though Desk top > Laptop > Notebook > Netbook > Ipad > what will keep us amused after we've combined "Samsungs' flexible screen tech." with cloud computing. Probably only need to wait Ten or so years to find out!
  3. jobeard

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    good perspective shown here.

    point 1: There are more lines of code now in the Windows platform that ALL of the IBM platform; more code leads to more complexity leads to more hotfixes.

    point 2: MS *must* produce change to have something to sell to keep the stockholders happy with the profits.

    point 3: The hardware providers depend upon changing software requirements to give them something to sell. Did you notice that Win/7 is heavily biased on 64bit systems and large memory requirements?

    point 4: see point 2 ( ie: you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours)

    and this is the commercial world of capitalism.
  4. matrix86

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way GUI is set up now. Everything is extremely easy to find, and everyone knows how to get to what they want. Why fix something that isn't broken? Why do we need a highly complex GUI just because we have high tech hardware? Computers are supposed to be made for the average user to use...not only for tech savvy people. Why must everything in the world change to meet the needs of the extreme tech savvy people? Ordinary people want something simple...something that's easy to use. And what we have now works. There is nothing wrong with simplicity. Don't like it? Then got off your lazy butt and make something to suit your needs.

    Otherwise, there are plenty of programs out there can change your GUI for you, and you can create your own. And if you don't want to spend $20 to do so, then shut up and stop complaining.
  5. Archean

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    I don't think he is talking about making things difficult.

    Its more about being making things easier, afresh, more fun to use. I mean apple's iphone is rubbish for all practical purposes (in general, even call quality isn't anything to brag about), but it sells, isn't it? Just because it brought something new to the table, something which is in most people's perspective is fun to use.

    I agree with your point that current desktop model is pretty easy to use now; but remember a subtle change has already occurred i.e. emergence of touchscreens, I think he is also inferring about this development.
  6. ucould2

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    GUI- dictaurus ten year project

    Expected spend on Iphone Apps. for the next ten years AUS$7,500,000,000.00 @ 41 Million units sold (US figures) to date. :approve:
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