The mystery Blue screen error

By Psydome
Nov 14, 2009
  1. Hi. I am going steadily insane due to BSOD. When I start my computer (which is old) I get a BSOD after a few seconds of the desktop appearing. Usually just before windows live messenger is about to load up. I have discovered that If I log onto the guest account and then switch user to my account it solves it. I dont know if that is significant in any way. The BSOD message always includes an sp**.sys file.

    These files are from the last few BSODS. It does it every time I startup.


    my Bitdefender installation also stops responding on occasion which also seems to slow down my computer while it restarts..

    Could this be a virus? I have a very limited knowledge about technical stuff.
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  3. Psydome

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    Hi I have done a full system scan with malwarebytes and have done the same with Bitdefender internet security. I have used regestry mechanic to check for regestry errors and I have also used Advanced systemcare pro to check also.

    The other day I went on a website on how to tweak your Pc for speed. I disabled a few services. Could this be the problem?

    This is really annoying me.. I dont think it is a virus. If it is then I cant find any trace of one.. I have done system scans everyday for the last 4 days.
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    Wow all that and didn't pick up the above Malwares you posted
    Anyway, if you want to be clean you are best to do what I have stated ;)

    Also, you will need to create a new thread in the forum if you want your logs checked
    Good luck and consider a better Antivirus in future (since "Bitdefender internet security" hasn't protected you)
    I use free Avira AntiVirus and have done so for two years now, my system is running well and I go everywhere on the Net
    But it is a matter of where you go and what you download, so you may need to change the way in which you use the web
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