The new social media platform from Donald Trump is now available on Apple's App Store

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If Trump's new platform actually allows full freedom of speech, then it will be a success. Trump is still massively popular. Polls show that over 50% of the country believes the election was tampered with, and lots of people are very, very upset.

Only time will tell.


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You're pretty funny. During his presidency, Donald Trump increased the US debt by over 7 trillion,(with a "T"), to as much as 8.3 trillion dollars dollars. That's money you can stop blaming on Biden

He also released thousands of Taliban prisoners. One has to wonder how many of those were involved in the takeover of Afghanistan. Which also gets blamed on Biden..

As for inflation, well you can blame John Q Public for quite a bit of that. Due to :the "chip shortage", car dealers are gouging people thousands of dollars above sticker price for new cars. Some dealers have even been warned by the manufacturers ti, "cease and desist", or they won't get replacement inventory. I suppose that's "Biden's fault" as well.

And hey, how about those graphics card prices, y'all have been whining and whimpering about? Don't cha know, Biden sent out one of our nuclear subs to torpedo cargo shipments from Nvidia to drive the prices up. I tell you there's no limit to Biden's evil, (or the overall gullibility of some of Techspot's members)
Captain, this is too much sense for the average Trump supporter to endure. 不不不不不不不


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You didn't have to write so many paragraphs. You could have just said:
"Biden did nothing wrong!!!!!"


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You didn't have to write so many paragraphs. You could have just said:
"Biden did nothing wrong!!!!!"
I actually felt I did, since I wanted to tackle the issues on a case by case basis.
He actually hasn't done anything wrong per se. He does have something of a burden, with 70 million people, being deluded into thinking Trump won the election.

Between the MAGA expectations of "how great America would have been it Trump hadn't had the election "stolen from him", and the general inflated sense of self entitlement that pervades the American populace, god himself couldn't live up to our standards.

Which is a basic flaw in human character, exacerbated by affluence, no matter how much you do for someone, or how much you give them, it's never enough.

(Not that I believe in god mind you). Yeah that's right people, I'm a godless heathen.


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I'd love to see some evidence of this "openly fascist ideology" you mention. Did Trump ban, censor or cancel anyone who hated him? Did he even try? We both know the answer.

You are mistaking despotism for fascism... Despotism is a government ruled by a singular authority which rules with absolute power, especially in a cruel and oppressive way (think of Putin & Kim Jong-Un).

Fascism usually includes ultranationalism, racial supremacy, populism, authoritarianism, xenophobia and anti-immigration sentiment as well as opposition to liberal democracy. That's pretty much Trump!


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I bet spelling anything beyond sh!t would be a challenge for any "stable genius", though there are less letters in "duh". :laughing:
Funny story: I went to my last year's annual Medicare exam behind a half mg. of alprozolam. I couldn't remember the three words worth a sh!t, but I nailed the blood pressure test at 107/73.

I did OK with the clock though.:imp:


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All you have to do is mention Trump and people lose their collective minds. He has enough real estate as is. if this was to succeed all you would get is two social media bubbles.


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WOW! I knew techspot readers were on the leftist side, but the TDS is STRONG in this bunch!
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