The new trade war: China's dramatic rise in the EV market

While the West (U.S.and it's allies)) has it's own problems, bickers and tries to use it's iron hand on China, China moves on as their goal is to dominate the World's Economy. Business as usual.
Disagree. EV is a non solution. Its just capitalism on an idea. Hybrids are made to look green. The battery is tiny does nothing. Gas used 99%. And you just have a car that screams I'm green I swear, while causing as much of an issue as any other car.
So says an engineer who helped design a range rover one at least. Pointless he said.
A decent urban public transportation network is still better than both, using a 2-3 ton vehicle to move a 60kg person is one of the most inefficient things there is.

But in some countries that's a communist idea that undermines democracy.

For rural areas I suppose it's still possible, I live in a rural area with nothing nearby yet I can walk ~500m and catch a bus that can take me to any of the nearest towns, and from there a train or another bus. The downside is that if I miss that one bus then that's it I'll be 100% late to work.

A motorcycle would still be more efficient than a car, but it's somewhat more dangerous.