The Witcher 3 on PC will come without any DRM


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There's nothing that PC gamers hate more than restrictive anti-piracy measures (and bad console ports), so it will be welcome news that CD Projekt Red are completely ditching DRM for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The developer posted an open...

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Just this after-noon I watched a video that drew my attention to the Witcher series. I was actually keeping my eyes open for news about Witcher 3. This is one more positive piece of news that I was not expecting to hear. I may just have to purchase the game to support non-DRM titles, regardless of my interest in the game.


The Witcher 1: DRM is knocked out with the last released patch.
The Witcher 2: DRM is knocked out with the first released patch.
The Witcher 3: no DRM whatsoever.

I like where this is going :D


Seems like a case of "It doesnt work anyway whats the point?" to me.

Not that thats a bad thing.


There's nothing PC gamers hate more than someone's generalisation of what they hate more :)