The worst passwords of 2019 are as bad as you expect

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By the way, no, I do not put all of my money into one investment, but I *do* have and utilize a financial manager. And, I have just retired. Comfortably. 😁 😉 😎
Don't get me wrong - you're still WAY more secure than the fools who made this list... and I agree you're, on average, far more secure than me as well...

I just see a law of diminishing returns once you've got a "pretty secure" password... and having all your eggs in one basket worries me....

Saying that, those who write their complex passwords down on paper somewhere might be more secure than all of us - but they are living in the stone ages and are now risking physical theft / disaster instead...
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Those who write their passwords down are not very safe at all. The passwords are most likely stored under their keyboard or in their desk drawer. Or, even worse, taped to their monitor.

Some basic security truths:
  • There is no security without physical security.
  • Over 70% of all security breaches come from inside an organization.
  • Ronald Reagan popularized a Russian proverb in the 1980s that is applicable to computer security: Доверя́й, но проверя́й, transliterated to Doveryáy, no proveryáy - (Trust, but verify.)

Compared to my former work computer, my home computer security is quite lax. I have neither the sensitive rights/access, or the exposure that I used to have. However, old habits die hard. Identity theft would be most unpleasant, and so I take extra measures to protect myself. I use several credit monitoring services, and I find data on "the dark web" nearly every month. You might be surprised by what you find if/when you search.

EDIT: By the way, take a look at the some security information from three password management companies:

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