Thermaltake intros 'Dokker' chassis with built-in HDD dock


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Thermaltake has unveiled a new desktop PC case with a built-in hard drive dock. Fittingly named "Dokker," the mid-tower chassis has a top-mounted HDD cradle that lets you easily attach and remove 2.5 and 3.5-inch SATA drives. Along with that handy feature, the $65 enclosure has all the trimmings you'd expect in a budget performance chassis.

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Oh man!! I loved it already! Just what I was looking for! Mid tower, budget, room and, the most important, a modest front panel! This is it! this is the worthy replacement! I don't really need the HDD cradle on the top, but I can live with it!


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Can't say as I like the placing of that docking mechanism. There are a lot of computer desks out there that won't allow the additional 3-5" standing up like that. Think it would have made more sense placing it on the side or in the front of the case.


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I'll stick with my Cooler Master Cosmos S thank you.

It has the Mesh, Size and Fan placements but it better made and doesn't have a hard drive sticking out the top of it.

I'm sorry, but that has to be the worst placement for a hard drive I have ever seen, just put a hot swappable bay at the front for Christ sake!


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I actually like that, and the dock would be handy for me as well. But its not a super tower, and I can't fit a 3x120mm radiator in there unfotunately, so thats out then. :(

If only it was a super tower....


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I've got one of their older super tower cases, a black Zaser III, with red trim up front. Knowing Thermaltake, I'm sure they'll fit that dock to their new tower cases soon enough.


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Very nice especially for the price, but if I buy a new case soon, it'll be the CM 690 II. My original is getting old


I'm quite happy with my CM HAF 922; affordable, roomy, tremendous airflow, mostly tool-less design...very nice.


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You guys have to remember this is a $65 case. It wasn't too long ago that you couldn't get this kind of feature-set and quality in anything within that price range. The HD placement is a bit odd though; for cases on the floor, it makes sense, but then the USB, and audio jacks aren't at the top as well. Still, this is a very nice case for a budget build.