These are the states with most accidental phone breakages


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In brief: Have you ever had to replace a phone because you accidentally broke it? If so, you're in the majority. Three-quarters of Americans have suffered this indignity, and a new survey shows the states where it happens most often. The report also reveals some other interesting facts, such how the breakages occurred and the most common laptop mishaps.

The Secure Data Recovery service surveyed 2,200 Americans across several states about how often and in what manner they break their devices.

Breaking a phone and having to replace it is something 76% of participants admitted to—this writer experienced such a nightmare with a new Galaxy S7 Edge in 2016. If destroying a handset wasn't bad enough, 31% of those surveyed said they also completely lost the data it contained.

Looking at individual states, Texas (95%), Missouri (88%), and Oklahoma (88%) were the locations with the highest number of phone breakers.

Not everyone replaces a phone (or one of its components) after a breakage. The sight of people using handsets with broken screens is a pretty common one, with almost a fifth of participants (18%) currently using a phone with a cracked display—1 in 4 of these are members of Gen Z. Expect to see plenty of examples of this in Mississippi (29%), Texas (29%), Louisiana (28%), South Carolina (28%), and California (27%).

Amazingly, dropping a phone is a weekly occurrence (at least) for almost half (44%) of the participants. Mobile owners in Utah are the clumsiest in this regard.

Some other stats include 1 in 10 people not using a phone case. That's a low number, but 45% say they've broken a mobile while it was in a case. Other common mishaps include accidentally throwing a phone (46%), spilling a drink on it (43%), and, a stat that illustrates the popularity of using a phone in the bathroom, dropping it down the toilet (23%).

It's a similar story when it comes to laptops, with drops, spilled food and drinks, and cracked screens common reported problems. Americans have spent an average of $534 on laptop repairs in their lifetimes, but only 37% pay for damages themselves rather than relying on warranties.

Thanks, Secure Data

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This just means that 3/4 of American's that have cell phones are stupid....and we let these people breed and then vote!



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I have had cell phones for 29 years.. I have never ruined one of them.

It is these young kids who care nothing about costs, because phones are free and parents don't spank them for ruining stuff. That is why they open doors in lots without a concern for other people's property, because they don't care about their own...



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I can't lie, I'm petty. It brings me joy whenever I see someone using an iPhone with a shattered screen, because I know how much they cost, how it happened and that they'll do it again.


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All are deep red republican states. No surprise there!!
It is interesting, and I really had to think of why this would be the case. It is a bit baffling. Maybe they have more forced births, causing more infants who might break their phones (and electronics in general)?
(and now I'm going to duck for cover)


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What is making 2/3s of Mormons drop their phone every week ?

I don't believe 44 % of people drop their phone every week - maybe down the side of their car seat ?

It's like 50% of Americans don't know if Canada is to the north or south of them ( minus Alaskans )
Don't believe those figures anyway


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I've had cellular phones since the first Motorola "brick". Everything from PDA's, smartphones since the 90's. In all that time, the only phone I ever damaged was the Sony Ericsson S710a when I was mad at someone, didn't realize I had the phone in my hand and slammed it down. Even my motorola flip phone back in the day survived a drop down an elevator shaft from the 5th floor. Even though it survived, I told my provider it was acting up so they would send a replacement because I knew it would act up about 5 minutes after the warranty would expire LOL. Heck, since the GLASS screens took over from PDA's, I don't even use a screen protector.
If people would stop with the PIHS (phone in hand syndrome), perhaps more phones wouldn't get damaged.


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How many people drop cell phones while eating an apple as opposed to eating a peach? How many drop cell phones when outside as opposed to inside?

Gosh there is soooo much important data that we really need to know!