These awesome if impractical keycaps are perfect for dinosaur fans


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In brief: Artisan keycaps that eschew comfort and ergonomics for looks are becoming increasingly popular these days, but few will stand out quite like these dinosaur models, which, if anything, should dissuade people from smashing their fists down on a keyboard before a rage quit.

The Memeda Dinosaur Ages keycaps highlighted by PC Gamer are available to pre-order from Drop. You can purchase two different species of hand-painted dino—a Tyrannosaurus or Triceratops (coming soon)—and each one comes in four different colors: green, yellow-brown, light blue, and maroon.

Given their sheer size and the amount of detail in each keycap, they’re not cheap: $39 for a single one. But then it’s not like you’re going to replace the majority of keys with these oversized novelties—that would definitely impact your words-per-minute speed. A more sensible option would be to replace a single, possibly less-used key such as Escape.

The keycaps are made of resin and compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones. Memeda needs just 28 more purchasers at the time of writing to meet the minimum number of orders to fulfill the run. There are still seven days left, so it looks as if the target will be reached in time.

There are a limited number of keycaps in this single production run, so you best move fast if you want to secure one. They’re expected to ship on June 20, 2022.

For a slightly more subtle product, check out the Asus ROG Strix TouchStone novelty keycap that comes with actual fans you can spin. There’s also Jelly Key’s Retro TV Series that are modeled after retro arcade cabinet favorites like Tetris, Dr. Mario, Doom, and Pac-Man. They even have moveable joysticks.

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Inspired by the new Jacka$$ Forever movie, I'd wager.

I won't even say what they used those for, no spoilers :)