The big picture: You may not know it but there is a whole subculture devoted to mechanical keyboards. Sure, you’ve got mainstream offerings from companies like Corsair, Razer and Das Keyboard that will fill the basic needs of most users, but drill down deeper and you’ll find a community teeming with enthusiasts.

Artisan keycap maker Jelly Key recently caught our attention with a stunning new line of limited edition keycaps currently on offer as part of a group buy. Modeled after retro arcade favorites like Tetris, Dr. Mario, Doom and Pac-Man, these fully hand-crafted keycaps are being offered in seven different chassis colors for a variety of possible combinations.

Crafted with MX stems, they feature glossy displays and even have a 2-axis movable joystick. Really, they are more works of art than functional components.

At $49 per, they don’t come cheap, either. But such is often the case with custom mechanical keyboard hardware. And again, these are collectibles and conversation pieces. Each one comes with a unique serial number, a metal dog tag and a wooden box.

Jelly Key’s group buy is scheduled to end on May 2 although the company notes that it may close the buy early (presumably based on demand).

Delivery is expected 70 to 90 days after the group buy ends. Note that group buys are never offered twice so if you miss your opportunity, they’re gone.