WTF?! GPUs might be obscenely expensive these days, but there's at least one cheap graphics card on the market that looks pretty nice. Sadly, you're not going to be running Dying Light 2 at 4K with this Asus ROG Strix.

Tom's Hardware spotted the Asus ROG Strix TouchStone novelty keycap for sale in China. It appears that little expense was spared recreating a tiny version of the popular card; it's constructed of solid aluminum alloy rather than plastic and comes with the famous Republic of Gamers name emblazoned on the side. But the highlight is the three ball-bearing fans that you can actually spin with your fingers, something that would undoubtedly form into a habit while waiting for games to load. No RGB lighting, though.

Designed to replace the right shift key (2.75U standard), the ROG keycap uses MX crosspoint and clones fitting, so it should be compatible with most keyboards. It also comes in a little replica box that duplicates the look and style of one of Asus' real graphics card packages, if you can remember what those look like.

Retailer ZFrontier China lists the Asus ROG Strix TouchStone at 399 Chinese Yuan, which is about $63. The unfortunate news is that it appears to be available only in China right now, but here's hoping that the attention convinces Asus to launch it globally.

There is a slew of custom keycaps available right now. Artisan keycap maker Jelly Key has some excellent offerings, including its Retro TV Series that are modeled after retro arcade cabinet favorites like Tetris, Dr. Mario, Doom, and Pac-Man. They even have moveable joysticks.