This $346 USB stick uses "quantum technology" to protect you from 5G, apparently


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Claims that 5G can negatively impact your health have been spreading online for some time. They gained more traction as Covid-19 made its way outside of China and became a worldwide pandemic, with some alleging the virus was caused by 5G, or it made people more susceptible to catching it. The conspiracy has led to 5G masts being set on fire in the UK, along with social media sites and YouTube clamping down on posts/videos promoting the message.

As reported by the BBC, a company called BioShield Distribution is offering a product called the 5GBioShield, which "provides protection for your home and family, thanks to the wearable holographic nano-layer catalyser, which can be worn or placed near to a smartphone or any other electrical, radiation or EMF [electromagnetic field] emitting device."

"Through a process of quantum oscillation, the 5GBioShield USB key balances and re-harmonises the disturbing frequencies arising from the electric fog induced by devices, such as laptops, cordless pho4nes, wi-fi, tablets, et cetera.”

The USB keys cost £283 ($346), though bargain hunters can grab three for £958 ($973). That might sound like a lot, but not only do they protect you from 5G, they also “emit a large number of life force frequencies favoring a general revitalization of the body.”

The BBC, using the services of a company called Pen Test Partners that tests devices for vulnerabilities, took apart the USB stick and found it was virtually identical to 'crystal' USB keys available from various suppliers in Shenzhen, China, for around £5 ($6).

The two directors of BioShield Distribution were involved previously in a business that sold a dietary supplement called Klotho Formula. It uses a "proprietary procedure that leads to relativistic time dilation and biological quantum entanglement at the DNA level," which sounds like it’ll turn you into one of the X-Men.

One of the company directors told the BBC it did not manufacture or own the product but was the global distributor. "We are in possession of a great deal of technical information, with plenty of back-up historical research," they said. “As you can understand, we are not authorised to fully disclose all this sensitive information to third parties, for obvious reasons."

The publication’s claim that the USB key is no different to a cheap, non-magical version was also disputed. "In regard to the costs analysis your research has produced, I believe that the lack of in-depth information will not drive you to the exact computation of our expenses and production costs, including the cost of IP [intellectual property rights], and so on," the director said.

"It is therefore hard to take your evaluation seriously, since you have evidently not researched the background facts in any meaningful way."

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This reminds me of an old joke thing my grandpa used to make.

*grabs random object off the table*
"This right here is actually not the newspaper, it's a bear shield"
*point out that no, it's the newspaper*
"No see, there's no bears around so it's working"

Typing this out makes it even less funny than when he would do it. At least it didn't cost me $350 lol


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How did that thing get past the FTC in the US?
They just didnt register it as medical equipment, then theres No legislation stopping you from selling it as whatever. Og course you can still be sued for false advertising and fraud, but thats a separate matter.
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People here in holland burn the transmission masts beceause of 5g, maybe sell those things to them and get really rich.


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I don't see a problem with someone having a little bit of banter. I imagine they won't screw a lot of people over and those that do buy it...who cares about them.


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If I was responsible for this product's marketing, I'd say the quantum signal has the added bonus benefit of improving audio quality of analog hi-fi sound equipment. And watch sales increase thirty fold.


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I wonder what country did have 5G, or at least 4G several decades ago so they could have tested the product. It's a stiff stupidity tax that should be stopped.


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Maybe the conspiracy was created so that they could scam people into buying these.
Your iq would have to be below 100 if you even consider buying it.


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And this is in 2020, not the Dark Ages!

Human stupidity will always be a source of income for many.


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My entire family is using these, they are awesome. And needless to say, not a single case of covid!
I highly recommend these.