This Bluetooth cassette player is a love letter to the 80s

Shawn Knight

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Sony’s Walkman, the portable music player that defined an entire generation, celebrated its 40th anniversary this week. What better way to observe the occasion than with a bit of modern flare?

That’s the impression given off by the IT’S OK Bluetooth 5.0 portable cassette player from NINM Lab. The retro-inspired device “brings a new perspective to the romanticism of the 80s cassette player” and supports traditional 3.5mm headphones as well as Bluetooth 5.0 compatible headphones and speakers, allowing users to relive the magic of magnetic tape without the physical tether.

It also boasts a transparent cassette door so you can see the mechanics at work as you play, fast-forward and rewind those ancient mixtapes from yesteryear, a belt clip and a record button / integrated microphone for creating custom voice memos.

If vinyl can stage a comeback, why can’t cassette tapes?

The oddly-named cassette player is offered in three colors – pink, white and navy blue – and is available to back from today over on Kickstarter. Pricing starts at $63 with the campaign scheduled to run through August 5. Early backers can expect to receive shipment by December 2019.

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If Sony ever re released those yellow sport ones for nostalgia, but with updated features like this I'd definitely get 1.


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Sneak an SD card slot in there somewhere and you could look 'cool' (or a fool!) and have boundless music


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"If vinyl can stage a comeback".

Vinyl isn't making a comeback it's dead and buried. The slight bobble in it's downward trajectory was caused by the millennials who wanted to tick a box on their "extinct things we want to try" list.
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I'm perfectly fine with my cell phone and my wired headphones. No need for cassette tapes. I hated that crap before and still do. Tapes would be messed up, you had to use a pen sometimes. the player would mess the cassette and sometimes break the tape. You had to rewind to play a tune. You know what, I'll stick with my cell phone and my hundreds of 70's classic rock tunes instead.
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Posts: 765   +543 phone can make calls, play games, buy things, watch movies AND play music wired and wirelessly. Now, why would I carry another bulky music player all the time with me?