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This Civilization VI mod makes the game look more like Civ V

By midian182
Apr 8, 2019
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  1. Unlike most mods that are the work of fans, the modder in this instance—‘GrrrArrrg’—is Civilization VI’s art director, Brian Busatti.

    PCGamesN reports that Busatti took up a challenge from his colleagues at Civ developer Firaxis to create an example of an environment skin using only off-the-shelf modeling software and tools available to everyone.

    The result of Busatti’s work is ‘Environment Skin: Sid Meier’s Civilization V,’ which is available from the Steam Workshop in the form of a 2.4GB download. It changes Civ VI’s visuals to more closely match the colors and tones of Civ V, introducing multiple texture modifications for terrains, including oceans and forests, and a more neutral palette. The mod is compatible with every release of the game, up to and including Gathering Storm. You can see more screenshots at the CivFanatics forum.

    This is one of several major mods released over the last few weeks. We recently reported on the Minecraft shader pack, which uses path tracing to add ray tracing-style effects to the popular sandbox game.

    Last week saw a mod released for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that not only introduces a slew of graphical settings but also gives players the option of making this notoriously difficult game a lot easier.

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  2. ShagnWagn

    ShagnWagn TS Guru Posts: 731   +563

    I have been playing Civ6 for over a month consistently now. I look forward to this mod, although I've got used to the current graphic style. I still do not like the looks of the leaders though. I will have to give this mod a shot. Does anyone know if you can add it into a current save, or can you only load it for a new game?

    I found a really good deal so I bit the bullet and bought both expansions - "fanatical.com". I like the twist on gameplay. I recommend them.

    Pros about Civ6 in general:
    * I really like it that you can't just build everything in any city. It's more challenging to not only position for resources, but also for building districts and wonders.
    * The NPC are marginally "smarter" than launch, but still makes some stupid decisions. I haven't gone to war with any of them yet. Apostles are easy as they only send one at a time when I have 3-4 or more.
    * Many more natural wonders, which means there is a much greater chance I can build a city of my own to use one. Civ5 seemed to only give them to City-states. Huge district adjacent bonuses.

    * Building roads is really ridiculous. I have only been playing as the Romans because it automatically creates roads. Otherwise the only economical way is to use traders, which means you are trading with each of only your own cities for thousands of years. No trading with other nations/city-states. Otherwise you are building engineers later in the game, which can only make two blocks of roads then disappear. They also take several turns of city construction - very expensive and will also take thousands of years. Really?
    * When you build a district/wonder on a grid space, you do not get the benefit of the resource that would have been there. An example is a iron mine that you did not know existed before, but before it's revealed on the map you have already built something there. I don't believe build a district building on a plot should wipe out the resources (maybe half?). Especially with a dam. They don't use land space in the real world.

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