This mod brings the Crysis Nanosuit to Grand Theft Auto V

Shawn Knight

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Well-known Grand Theft Auto V modder JulioNIB recently published a mod that introduces the beloved Nanosuit from EA’s popular Crysis series into Rockstar’s open-world sandbox.

As you’ll see in the clip above, the GTA V Nanosuit is more or less a perfect replica of the “real thing.” It features the same suit characteristics (increased speed, super jumping, super strength and armor), the familiar HUD, weapon customization, stealth mode and more.

Those interested in giving the Nanosuit a shot can download the mod from GTA X Scripting and the Nanosuit model from As always, you should proceed with caution as this isn’t an official mod and thus hasn’t been tested as “safe.”

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Very cool. I really like but I have to complete this game sometime playing as the three protagonists should be played. I'm not even halfway yet.