This six-minute movie mashup includes footage from every trailer in 2015

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Finding time to hit the theater to check out the latest blockbuster can be challenging. Heck, even the most dedicated movie buffs probably didn’t take in as many films as they’d like. Fret not, however, as YouTuber Sleepy Skunk has just the thing to (sort of) fill the void.

The six-and-a-half-minute-long movie trailer mashup is said to feature excerpts from every movie trailer released over the course of the year.

You’re probably envisioning a mess of random clips that go together about as well as oil and water but as you’ll see, Sleepy Skunk did a tremendous job editing the mashup and selecting the background music. And if you’re still itching for more, a separate mashup from JoBlo Movie Trailers is certainly worth a look.

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So much huffing and puffing, without a single story to be called original. A remake after remake after remake. That's all Hollywood is all about these days, capitalizing on former stories, not for the sake of reliving them or perpetuating anything valuable, just to re-sell.

You can take this clip, and keep showing year after year, without the need the change it.

P.S. The only exception this year was The Martian, it had a sense of originality. Before that - Interstellar (2014), which was quite something. That's about it.
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There were some funny moments, worth watching if you have seen a good number of movies this year ;)