Tic toc processors


So, should I go with the Tics or the Tocs?

  1. Go for the Tics. (Ivy Bridge, Rockwell)

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  2. Go for the Tocs. (Haswell, ...?)

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  3. Skip a whole Tic Toc. (Wait for Rockwell)

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  4. Wait until the processor makes an obvious difference.

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  5. Switch to AMD. (Please tell me why if you pick this?)

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By aspleme
Jul 23, 2011
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  1. So, I currently have a Sandy Bridge system that I built from scratch and am very happy with it. But before this, my old computer was ancient. (Compaq with an old AMD '64' processor, with DDR memory (not even DDR2) and an AGP slot.)

    I don't ever want to get trapped with something that old again, so I would like to plan to regularly upgrade my computer. While I admire AMD for what they are doing, and I do believe it is good for mainstream computers, it doesn't seem best for what I like in the foreseeable future, so I know I want to make plans for Intel processors... But I can't decide whether I want to shoot for the tics or the tocs... or even alternate by skipping both a tic and a toc.

    What do you think?

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