Time for a NAS decision


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I have narrowed my selection for a NAS down to the Synology DS413 or DS412. Primary intended use is home storage, media server, Security IP camera server, and remote storage for my children in college. Anyone have experience with these units?


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Remote access by your student(s) at school to your local NAS on your router will need the router to have portforwarding enabled to the NAS address and port.

Also suggest you create a directory per user and make them all private per user and then an additional PublicDocs directory and make that r/w for everyone. In this way you know exactly what data can be access by whom and what is basically "I don't care data" in the PublicDocs\

You should also plan for backups, even if you have a Raid-10 configuration.


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Thanks jobeard, I was looking for more of a pro con discussion on the two models. After reading every review I could find I have decided that although the DS412+ is targeted at small businesses for the $100 dollar increase over the DS413 it I like to more powerful processor. Depending on how many security cameras I also add around the house this could be a plus if I also stream media to my TV.