Time to change the battery?

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Toshiba Sattelite A200 10x, bought it 2 and a half years ago, everything's stock at stock settings, only added 1 gig of ram to take it to 2gig total upon purchase.

I can't say I'm the exemplary laptop user since whenever I can I just leave it on the AC supply and let it run there for hours on end, that can't be good for the battery. Lately the moment I unplug it, even though the battery's fully charged it loses its charge completely in 1 or 2 minutes flat. Sometimes the same time I unplug it, 2 seconds or so later it turns off.

I'm guessing it's time for a new laptop battery, or could be coming from a leak or such? I'm just posting to confirm.


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You should be able to take it to a Battery Specialist http://batteryworld.com.au/asp/index.asp?pgid=11193 and they might be able to diminish somewhat the 'recharging Cycle memory'. But it will take them a while to do and it will never be totally reliable eg. temperature differences will affect the battery run-down time. As a backup for around the house could be money well spent and if you buy a new battery having the second should (if you don't use and abuse it like the last) lengthen the the life of the new one.
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I have the same issue. Now it is a dedicated laptop for my TV that is always plugged in.

I've learned to adapt.


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You should consult the User Guide for information about the use and care of the battery that came installed on the Toshiba.


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It sounds like it's the battery. I'd just get a new one and call it a day.
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