Tired of attempting Mac longing to return to Windows

By Cacahuatl10
Jun 1, 2012
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  1. My best friend gave me a brand new shinning silver Mac, one can't look a gift horse in the mouth so I tried for six months to make the switch, this after about 20 years of using Windows. And, I am ready to give up. Particularly since I hear Windows 8 will contain the handling aspects that makes the Mac addictive. Does anyone know if it will be possible for me to replace all the MAC in my MacBook Pro lap top by Windows 8 without losing its potential? When the latter is released...

    Actually I should add something about my six month experience attempting to make the switch from Windows to Apple at age 61, and after nearly a life of using the former. I have honestly given the opportunity my best shot. And frankly, I can understand why Apple addicts are addicted to Apple. The interface is super cool, and its easy to get used to. But I actually keep my old Dell sitting beside my MaC BookPro, because often I get files that are impossible to open. Though, I confess I miss the Apple handling when I must revert to my old Windows PC.

    With all due respect to the late genius of Steve Jobs, the guy must have been an intolerable dictator. The user of Mac has very little capacity to know what is going on inside the PC. And, from my experience Apple is a cyber-trap for applications; from my understanding most kids have figured out a way to pirate their products. I miss Windows, what you must buy are clearly the essential programs, but thereafter Windows makes it easy to expand capacity without being forced to become a cyber pirate. If its possible for me to switch back to Windows in my Mac Book Pro, I would prefer to wait until Windows 8 comes out. Does anybody know if this will possible?
  2. bazz2004

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    You're fortunate to have had the chance to experience Apple for free. Even though their kit is so expensive I'm tempted. I'm particularly keen to see how their next big project with iTV sets turn out and how Apple integrate their products afterwards.

    There's something called Boot Camp included in the Mac OS which enables users to run Windows 7. You'd expect it to allow Windows 8 to run in a similar way. Maybe you already know about this.
  3. SNGX1275

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    Why can't you open files you get on the Mac?

    Well, I guess thats besides the point.

    To answer your question, yep, bazz2004 is correct. Follow the bootcamp assistant in Applications -> Utilities. Although if you want to get rid of OS X entirely, just boot off the Windows CD and install as normal.

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