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To Bobbye from khan

By khan351
May 18, 2010
  1. Hi Bobbye,
    was just gonna say thank you for your time in trying and answering back. Didnt mean to get you upset for using couple of different forums, i do believe i signed up with both of you guys in the same day and bleepingcomputer too, as all of you are great help in solving problems didnt know who to ask, so went for howtogeek, where i was advised to use bleeping computer but still ask to sent the log so maybe they would be able to help that's where the renaming and deleting came from, believe you me i wouldnt be able to do this myself as i really dont have a clue about computers. And after finding out that re clean was advised, thats when i still gave it one more shot and ask you for help as well because you seem to specialize in malware and solve this kind of problems and getting computers clean. So just wanted to say that your work is greatly appreciated and i wasnt trying to waste your time, thats why i signed up everywhere under same name because i really wasnt trying to fool anyone, didnt have clue i cant use more than one forum. So one more time i do apologize, Khan
  2. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,335   +36

    Khan we know many sign up on multiple forums and there is no rule saying they can't. But the problem comes when help is started in one forum while the person remains active on another. I read the posts there- I saw the problems and I knew that trying to give you help here while you were still active on the other, would not be good for your system..

    Since the problem was not resolved there and if you would like to try to find and remove the Rootkit, please rescan with DDS and GMER and give me the new logs. I will do my best to help if you have not done the reinstall.

    I'm going to reopen the original thread so if you decide to let me help resolve the problem, you can leave the new logs there. If you went ahead and did a reinstall, just let me know.
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