Tobii and Lenovo show eye-controlled laptop prototype


TS Evangelist
Lenovo and Tobii Technology have unveiled a laptop prototype that can be controlled by the user's eye movements. In addition to the familiar keyboard and touchpad input hardware, Lenovo's prototype packs Tobii's eye-tracking technology that lets users point, select or scroll with only their eyes. People with disabilities already use the technology, but it has yet to enter the mainstream because of technological and financial constraints.

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TS Enthusiast
Neat idea, but if they want to go more widely commercial I think they need a new, intuitive UI. Seemed a little cumbersome, what with the combining of key clicks and eye movements, and it I would imagine eye fatigue becomes an issue pretty quickly. Still, kudos for the development and it will be interesting to see where it goes.


TS Evangelist
TechSpot Elite
yea if it works well enough it would be awesome for any FPS. I just wander what happens if you go to turn around to talk to someone.


TS Enthusiast
Wow. This is impressive. What I would like to see is the sensor bar made into something like the Wii sensor which you can place on top of your monitor. If the price is right I would definitely consider buying this when it comes out.