Tobii's latest software keeps your screen private while you are away

Aware works with Windows Hello camera and will blur and lock the screen when it detects you are not looking at it. Presumably, this is to protect your privacy when you look away to see who that presence you felt looking over your shoulder was or when you step out for a coffee break. Tobii says the software will also dim the screen when you are away from the screen to conserve power.

With multi-monitor setups, Aware can send your cursor or even a window to another screen with just a glance. It will also let you know your screen time and the last time you took a break as a reminder to — well, take a break. It can also sense your eyes’ distance from the monitor.

The software is available on virtually any system running Windows 10 RS5 or later and that is equipped with a Hello camera. However, Lenovo’s Yoga A940, which we reported in our CES 2019 coverage, comes with everything you need right out of the box for a wallet-burning $2,350.

To be fair, the A940 all-in-one comes with a lot of stuff to make that price point fair including an AMD Radeon RX 560, 512GB SSD or 2TB HDD, built-in Qi wireless charging station, 27-inch QHD display with adjustable “drafting-table” easel, an Active Pen , and of course, Tobii Aware software. So it’s not that bad of a deal for creatives or marketing pros.

Regardless of what system you are looking to run it on, you’ll have to contact Tobii directly for pricing and installation information.

Update (4/28/19): Tobii contacted us to let us know that Aware is not eye-tracking software. The article has been updated to reflect that.

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Bullwinkle M

TS Maniac
Completely Worthless

The only way this would be of any value is if you keep Windows 10 Offline forever, otherwise Microsoft is looking over your shoulder and can see everything that is blurred to anyone near you

I think you should be more concerned about the Major known threats from Spyware Platform 10 than from some unlikely local threat that could easily be mitigated by the end user

If we are no longer allowed to protect our own computers from the O.S. itself, we know where the problem is...



TechSpot Addict
When I was younger, people invented things to meet a need. Now, it seems people invent things which require the rest of us to invent a need for them.

This garbage is like a one way Alexa for Windows