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Too many BSODs on Laptop

By Papaki
Dec 21, 2008
  1. Hi, I have a Toshiba laptop and every time I play FarCry2 or Assasins Creed the game crashes to desktop (no error), the pc doesn't switch back to the original resolution 1280x800, but stays on the games 1024x768 resolution. When I try to switch the resolution I get the BSOD. That is in FarCry2, in assasins Creed I either get a BSOD right away or it crashes to the desktop (no error again). In Need for Speed Pro Street the game hangs some times while loading and I have to switch off the laptop because nothing works (ALT CTRL DEL for example). In Red Alert 3 I had no problems and also on another game called Just Cause which I play in highest video settings.
    I runned memtest for like 5 hours, got no errors should I try removing one ram and try using only one at a time?
    I have disabled paging file (thought it might help the page_fault BSOD but it didn't)...

    I have posted the last 5 minidumps.

    Thanks in advance for your time :)
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