Toshiba HDD MK2018GAP is read as TOSHYBQ

By manrmen
Mar 21, 2010
  1. Hello everyone. I have an ASUS laptop that had a TOSHIBA 20GB HDD MK2018GAP that I bought last 2002. My ASUS conked out after 6 useful years and had been left in my cabinet for quite some time. A friend told me that I could still make use of the HDD as an external drive. So I bought an ENCLOSURE for it. Unfortunately windows won't detect the HDD. Or rather it is detected when I go to disk management but it won't assign a drive letter. Here's a quick list of the problems

    1. no drive letter assigned
    2. Cannot initialize with disk management
    3. Disk management sees the drive capacity as 140gb (unallocated) not 20gb
    4. detected as TOSHYBQ
    5. There is no problem with the enclosure since the shop tested my HDD with a lot of enclosures of the same type
    6. My OS is WindXP, laptop Compaq Presario

    Can anyone help me fix this? Much appreciated and thank you in advance.
  2. imanhorn

    imanhorn TS Rookie

    have you tried formatting it?
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