Toshiba laptop battery good, but not charging

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527 running Vista which has been passed back to me by a family member since it no longer booted. The battery was not only dead but was down to 2.2 Volts from the original (nominal) 10.8 Volts. The laptop will not power up from the AC adapter whether the battery is installed or not.

I replaced the battery, battery pack PA3465U-1BRS, pluged in the adapter and got the following results:

- laptop booted
- the blue AC power LED was lit
- the yellow battery indicator was lit
- the battery icon, displayed charging
- the percent charge of the battery was slowly going down.

I measured the voltage at the adapter while the laptop was running, it was 19.4 Volts. The device is marked 19V.

I've saved a few files and now replacement battery is at 0% capacity.

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The motherboard charging circuit/control is damaged. I don't know if it is a separate board or if it is integraded into the motherboard... You will have to take it in for service
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