Toshiba launches OCZ RD400 enthusiast PCIe NVMe SSD

By Scorpus
May 25, 2016
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  1. OCZ, now owned by Toshiba, has launched a collection of new PCIe NVMe solid state drives for enthusiasts, boasting fast performance and capacities ranging from 128 GB through to 1 TB.

    These new RD400 series drives use PCIe 3.0 x4 connectivity through an M.2 slot, although Toshiba will offer a bundle that includes a PCIe x4 to M.2 expansion card for those that have systems without any existing M.2 slots. As you'd expect from a modern enthusiast SSD, these drives use an NVMe interface for better performance and lower latency.

    The performance of these drives, particularly in read and write random IOPS, isn't as good as what Intel provides in their latest NVMe SSDs, however sequential performance is particularly impressive. The full specifications for each drive are below. Initial reviews are now also out.

    Toshiba OCZ RD400 Series
    Spec 128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB
    Sequential Read (MB/s) 2200 2600
    Sequential Write (MB/s) 620 1150 1600
    Random Read (IOPS) 170K 210K 190K 210K
    Random Write (IOPS) 110K 140K 120K 140K
    Endurance 74 TB 148 TB 296 TB 592 TB
    Active Power Consumption 6.0 W 6.4 W
    NAND Type MLC
    Price With Adapter $130 $190 $330 $760
    Price Without Adapter $110 $170 $310 $740

    The prices for these drives place the RD400 in direct competition with the Samsung 950 Pro, although Samsung currently doesn't offer a 1 TB drive in an M.2 form factor, which gives OCZ an advantage here. If you're interested in buying one, they should be hitting stores shortly.

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  2. M.2 and NVMe are the way to go if you ask me. Very happy with my Samsung 950 Pro. Can get a little warm though

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