Toshiba officially exits the PC business


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End of an era Toshiba was the first company to bring a laptop PC to market in 1985, known as the T1100. Now, decades later, the company that played such an important role in mobile computing, is leaving the PC business behind.

In 2018, Toshiba saw the writing on the wall for its PC business, as it sold a majority stake (80.1%) to Sharp. Sharp, which now operates under Foxconn's conglomerate umbrella, would use the majority stake as a foothold to re-enter the PC market.

Under the terms of the sale, Sharp acquired most of Toshiba's products, technology, brands, and other assets that were formerly part of Toshiba's Client Solutions Group. Sharp then brought the business under the Dynabook brand, and Toshiba retained a 19.9 percent stake.

Now, a little over two years removed from the original sale, Toshiba has sold its remaining 19.9 percent stake in Dynabook to Sharp, thanks to a call option that was part of the agreement. As Toshiba's press release states, this makes Dynabook a wholly owned subsidiary of Sharp.

Toshiba's sale of its PC business back in 2018 was part of a broad restructuring amidst not only a waning PC market in which Toshiba was having trouble competing in, but also as the company was left reeling from its Westinghouse Electric and accounting scandal controversy.

Toshiba was forced to spin off its NAND business as Toshiba Memory Corporation, which eventually became Kioxia. Toshiba also sold off its TV business to HiSense, and sold Westinghouse Electric to Brookfield Business Partners.

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They left the US market years ago. Like in 2015/16. I think most have forget about them. Sure they were good, still have a laptop from like 5 yrs. Yep it was a Satellite model.
Times change. So why they are finally leaving pc, I think most thought they alrdy did yrs ago. Especially with the Sharp deal 2 yrs ago.

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I had one Toshiba laptop, but it overheated frequently and the only way to solve the overheating issue was a bios update that decreased the frequency of the RAM. Toshiba refused to replace it under warranty and I finally got best buy to replace it with an ASUS republic of gamers laptop that cost over twice as much but was the only other laptop they sold at the time with the same RAM frequency. The extended warranty was the only reason I could get it replaced at all and I never bought another Toshiba product after that. Most people wouldn't have cared but I had specifically purchased that laptop because it had the highest frequency RAM available at the time and I was pissed when the only way to "fix" it was to effectively reduce the specs of the machine because the thermal solution was inadequate.


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I guess they don't really try anymore. when is the last time you've seen their laptops and TVs for sale?

what I've seen so far is their exceria SDcard lineup. seems nice however I dont find it as competitive as sandisk and samsung. wouldn't be surprised if they call it quits next year.


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I am writing this on my Toshiba Satellite laptop with 17" screen. Really great, sorry to hear that it will be no more. but times do change.