Toshiba Satellite A50 laptop CD/DVD not working

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Jun 27, 2005
  1. BobP061164

    BobP061164 TS Rookie

    CD Drive inop

    I did this one from KIMSLAND it was so much easier than deleting drives, etc and seemed safer. It fixed the problem in minutes!!! Thanks a lot Kimsland!

    Fix CD Missing: see KIMSLAND URL as as I cant post links since I don't have 5 post.
    Once complete, please restart

    The above do the upper and lower filters without going to the registry
    They can be run safely at any time (even if you don't have a fault) because Windows will automatically create what's needed on next startup
  2. tbalon

    tbalon TS Rookie

    Hey, deleting the filters as directed worked great for me... I want to thank you guys for posting your problems and solutions...Now if it were just this easy for health care....
  3. redmode

    redmode TS Rookie

    thank for the solution... I shall try it
  4. yalrehani

    yalrehani TS Rookie

    MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-8308 driver corrupted

    My DVD/CD driver has become corrupted, so I cannot load any discs. The drive is called MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-8308 and my laptop is a Toshiba Sattelite L10-114. When I troubshoot, and try to update the drive or download a drive from Toshiba support; it still shows as corrupted, error 39. Any ideas how I can fix this?

  5. Believer1

    Believer1 TS Rookie

    kenny....thank you for your fix on my Toshiba p105 laptop. My cd/dvd wasn't recognized on device manager or computer. I did what you said in regit file and went into and deleted upper case filters and restarteed and there it was working fine again.!!!!

    Neil_ski.......Only click once on hikey, twice brings up a different screen....
  6. mike1959

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    Missing CD/DVD drive

    There was a program released at the end of '10 which includes an option to 'fix' the problem of a CD or DVD drive not being seen by windows. I can't test if it works because I don't have that problem at the moment. the program is at, It is a collection of about 15 small programs, which are run from a menu. Each one has to be run each time you want it. For the CD/DVD problem,
    Run the program so small menu is on screen.
    Select 'Favourite'. (or 'Repair' if no 'Favourite' option)
    Select 'Winfix'
    Click on Run
    Maximise the screen
    Click on 'Advanced' Tab
    On left of screen, click on 'System'
    Near bottom of list is option, 'CD drive or DVD drive missing or seen by windows'
    Over on the right of screen, click 'Fix' box for that line. That's it.
    Close program. Hope it's the same fix as the Registry edit, but less dangerous. !!
  7. mike1959

    mike1959 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,031   +54

    There is an option to repair 'CD or DVD not being seen' by Windows, in Iobit's Toolbox program. It's in the 'repair', 'system', 'advanced' tab.

    The correct link on the page is the small word 'download' over on the right of screen, rather than any of the other traps!!
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