Toshiba Sattelite USB ports not all working

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Hello to everyone -- anyone!
I have a 2 year old Toshiba Sattelite laptop A105-S4134. I updated the BIOS last week to Version 5.90 and since then my two front USB ports are not working (the ones in the back are working fine). In the device manager it lists 5 USB host controllers and 5 root hubs - all say working properly.
Any ideas on what to do? I hate to uninstall anything incase it stops them all from working!
Thanks for any assistance
spd, there are two usb ports which connected to mainboard via cable. the connection can be loose, check it. if it normal and still some of usb ports aren't work this is southbridge chip failure. it needs to be replaced.
thanks for your replies lamo and CCT. It looks like the Legacy USB has been enabled (although there isn't anywhere to specify which ports - only one place to enable). And i'm not sure exactly how to check the connection (or whether i should or not!). This computer has been subject to very bumpy roads in its life so i wouldn't be surprised if it is a loose cable. Thanks!
Do you access to a powered hub. I read where one person could use devices only IF they were connected through one of those (a power issue maybe).
Don't usually use any powered hubs. The USB port is mostly used for Flash Drives and an external mouse (it is a laptop).
'I hate to uninstall anything incase it stops them all from working!'

Uninstall and reboot is a regular troubleshooting method for USB ports.

It is your choice.

Since you updated the Bios, you might also want to check that the setting therein for Plug and Play OS is enabled or Yes.
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