Toshiba Tecra A8/ Satelite Pro 120 reset BIOS problem

By locoryan
Jul 12, 2009
  1. So i have been trying to get this Toshiba Tecra A8/ Satellite Pro 120 to boot but when I push power it goes directly to a screen that says "Password = " and after a few attempts it says Not Certified Shutting down system.

    I opened the laptop up to see if i could find any jumpers to clear CMOS and i found two solder plates and the words RESET above them. I shorted the two plates while pushing power and the boot started but then held up. I released the short and the computer began to boot but then went to the normal password screen but this time it said "ALERT: System protection failure! Password = "

    I am assuming that maybe i cleared the BIOS password but when it starts to boot and sees there is a password on the hard drive it gets confused and sends the error saying the system protection has been tampered with. However when i boot without a hard drive it does the same thing.

    Does anybody have any suggestions or previous experience with this message. A google search only showed three sites in Spanish with that phrase so i guess its not too common. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    The only password help available on Techspot is to be found in this thread...
    Other threads / requests are normally deleted within a short time. Do not be surprised when this one is deleted.
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