Transfering Data from old PC

By stevenhomz
Jan 17, 2009
  1. I recently built a new desktop and installed vista, I now want to transfer the data from the hard drive in the old pc (which has XP installed on it) to the hard drive in the new one. Once the media is transfered i wanted to clear the old drive and add it as a slave in the new machine can someone please explain the easiest way to ac hieve this? thanks
  2. jobeard

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    First establish File Sharing on the new system. I would create a new target folder
    eg C:\Old Files and share it r/w.

    Map the Network Drive on your old system, then
    Prove your working correctly using a single file from the old system and
    drag-n-drop (right-click-HOLD and then drag) to COPY the file (not move).

    Network COPY can get complicated when attempting to copy a folder like
    My Documents which usually has many subfolders.

    Suggest you COPY the subfolders one at a time to the shared Old Files\
  3. stevenhomz

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    I ended up hooking both computers to my router via ehternet cable's, added the files on the old pc to a sharing folder then accessed them using a network and copied them into new pc. Vista makes it pretty straightforward. Just want to know how to completely wipe my old hard drive including the xp os and then be able to add the old drive to the new pc.
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