Transfering hard drive information to another computer

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i have a toshiba laptop which has ceased running and i need to obtain information from the hard drive, mainly invoices from the word program. i have a new toshiba laptop and my question is how do i go about retrieving the required information from one hard drive onto my new laptop. do i phisically have to remove the old drive from the laptop? or can i plug into the old computer in some way? once i have retrieved the files i require, i do not need to keep them on the new laptop.

any help please thanks



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Yes, you can remove the old hard drive with your needed files, and purchase a USB laptop external case. Install the old drive in the external enclosure, and connect it to the new laptop. The external drive should be detected and your files should then be retrieveable


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If the drive is password protected, you will need to remove the password from the bios screen of the laptop first. Is the drive password protected? and if so... Can you at least get to your bios screen?


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If it is the same laptop model with the exact same hardware, you could theoretically swap hdds for a minute while you transfer files to an external source, then switch back. This might not work, and if it does, I recommend immediately switching back.
If you can fit another harddrive in your laptop, you can slave your old one and that should work.
If you have a desktop, you should have the space to slave the drive and slot it in.

I particularly like the external enclosure idea, it lets you retain the harddrive for use as a possible backup solution, which you evidently need.

Can you at least get to your bios screen?
How and why is your laptop damaged?
thanks for your replies everyone, i dont know a lot about computers so forgive my silly comments if i make any. firstly it is not the same model and i am a bit wary opening this new one up and pulling things about, so i like the sound of droping the hd into a exturnal enclosure? the problem is i am living in france and i dont know how i would go about finding one here. can you suggest a web site where i may be able to buy one and what exactly would i ask for. i dont know what went wrong with my old one? when i say old it was only 3 years old but it was running perfectly one evening, and the next thing the sreeen went black, but the computer still seemed to be on. ever since then, the computer seems? to boot up but nothing comes up on the screen.



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try plug in an external monitor into your old laptop, if an image comes up when you turn it on it is most likely your back light inverter that is faulty, a backlight inverter basically takes the tiny voltage your latop uses and steps it up to power the lamps that light up your lcd display.

If this is the case any computer shop with a technician can swap it out with a new one.

In the intrum an external hdd case is a great idea for getting your old files off.
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