Tried 8 steps, several symptoms

By darkseed999
May 6, 2009
  1. I'm pretty sure I got the virus/spyware/malware about two weeks ago, not exactly sure from what. So here's my symptoms:

    Several unknown processes running such as 28.tmp, 29.tmp, iexplore.exe under system, pidle.exe, pp06.exe, stuff like that. At startup, there's about 10-15 such processes that I end. Some of them start up again randomly.

    Starting two days ago, Windows Security Center alerts come up like every thirty seconds, even as I end process tree for wscsvc32.exe every time.

    Registry editor(regedit.exe) is "Disabled by administrator" and the google search fix did not work.

    System restore does not allow me to go back to prior dates, when I attempt to press the "next" button after choosing a date nothing happens.

    I moved all my important files to a external hard drive and attempted to put the computer back into factory settings by using compaq system recovery, as I have done twice years ago, but I get the BSOD at the beginning of system recovery every time.

    So... my preferred choice is simply to be able to system recover it and avoid fixing the problem. I don't know if the virus may/may not have something to do with the crash.

    SUPERAntiSpyware and Avira don't install. I installed CCleaner and ran it, I ran Malwarebytes Anti Malware, I ran Spybot Search and Destroy and spyware blaster I ran HijackThis at the beginning of startup before I ended the processes. That was like three days ago, before the windows security alerts started popping up. Now, I can't even open MBAM.

    And that's the gist of it, help please :)

    P.S. Where does MBAM save logs? I can't find it under Program Files --> Malwarebyte Anti Malware. The second Hijackthis file is the one I ran just now, but with most of the shady processes ended except the wscvc32.exe and iexplorer.exe that keep coming up.

    Edit: The virus no longer allows me to navigate to websites such as techspot, it redirects me after a google search.
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