Trojan and adebot problem: pop ups wont stop!

By ramses28
May 2, 2008
  1. Trojan and adebot problem. sir blind dragon pls help me:(

    hi im ramses,
    as ive read you guys seem to solve lots of issues on viruses and based on what ive read on your forum you guys handle them pretty good : )

    can you please help me with my problem? i cant t seem to find a effective solution to this...

    i have 3 different pop ups that won't go away i have AVG 7.5 free edition, anti virus,anti-spyware and anti root kit and even tried different kinds of anti-spyware on my computer. the pop ups are trying to sell me spyware removel software which i don't need one of them says they are "security system protection control panel" and it says i have been infected with trojandownloader.xs and i should click the link to fix the problem but the link takes me to their site.second says "system integrity scan wizard" and says my computer may have critical errors in windows registry and file system. the third doesnt pop up to often but says something like i have been infected with adebot
    and an exclamation mark keeps appearing in the bottom right corner by the internet connection thing and says my computer is infected with spyware and it takes me to the same site. i tried to use the Ccleaner but it doesnt seem to solve my problem..the pop ups keeps on appearing.

    pls help me solve this problem....

    i would really owe you one : )



    more power!!
  2. ramses28

    ramses28 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    pls sir blind me fix my computer : (
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