Trojan loader on system help to remove needed

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Jul 30, 2008
  1. Hello,

    i got this virus pop up thing yesterday it's called: System Alert: it looks to be's a fake system alert : that's after i clicked the pop ups because i thought it was serious, it loads IE and want me to install different virus programs, my Avast issues a warning about a virus being loaded , so I stop. This occurs as soon as i click the pop up balloon saying I had a virus. The windows displays; System has detected a number of active spyware applications that may impact the performance of you computer.... I've looked on the internet for solutions, they were all slightly different. I've scanned my system with numerous anti virus program bu cannot get rid of the problem I did see something about zlob. I have deleted when the scans came up with files. I still get the pop-ups...This is all very frustrating, I don't know what to do anymore. I am fried.....

    Please rescue me from this pop up hell!
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    "Rogue" Program

    Hi Johndan :

    You are experiencing the classic "symptons" of what the malware-fighting
    community calls a "Rogue" ; there is a very good program available called
    MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware which most likely will take care of the problem .
    I recommend you "start" only with this program; IF the problem is NOT resolved,
    go on to the other recommended programs . This most likely occurred because
    one or more of the programs on your computer does NOT have the latest secure
    Version . To check this possibility, I recommend you run the FREE Online Version
    of "Software Inspector" on the Secunia Site .
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    Please do not jump a head the link I posted would ask him to run all that we cant have him just run that and say hey you are clean. There can be other things hiding that is why we ask you to follow things
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    Thanks it was fixed

    Hi: Spirit Wind

    Thank you . I just this taken using the malware program. I got the information earlier from another member of the forum

    Thanks you folks are terrific!

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