Trouble playing MMOs

By OhMehGoBbqSauce
Jun 18, 2008
  1. Well.. I really don't know where to put this, So yeah..

    Well, I decided to download a game called drift city, Downloaded it, Installed, Patched, Than I started it. The game wouldn't go past the loading screen, It needed a 32 BIT Video card. So.. I installed a new one, Than re-downloaded the NVIDIA Display Drivers in case they were out of date. But they weren't, The installer just copied over the files anyway, So I started the game again.. And than the screen was just black. Maybe when I reinstalled the Nvidia drivers I corrupted something? So I went back to this other 3D game.. The screen was black too. And I couldn't move the screen or anything... I tested the Directx with the DXdiag, And I passed the tests. But I can't seem to play MMOs, Or this other 3D " MMO "... I have no idea whats wrong. Should I install an old Nvidia driver? Than install a new one? Or what? It's not my directx. Thats for sure.
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    Fixxed it by REinstalled directx9.0... The Directx3D test works. So.. I play the game.. Than about 4 minutes later it freezes the whole computer. I restart, Game stops working... Directx3D test FAILS. Reinstalled Directx9.0 Directx3D test works.. Than the same thing happens when I start the game. Soz....? WTF IS WRONG?
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