Trouble with iPod and Alpine Head Unit Appreciate any help

By sublime1sw
Aug 16, 2008
  1. Soo my good buddy has been having some problems with his Ipod while it is directly connected to his Alpine Head. So he can Control HIs Ipod from the head its a really cool feature. But alot of the time whenever hes using his head unit the ipod will freeze and he has to unplug it and plug it back in to the high speed cable
    It freezes while hes scrolling through the artist on his head unit

    I have looked up on the web to see if other people have had this problem and there were various reports of people saying that had the same trouble but no one ever put up any solutions. I figured if there is ever a problem someone has with some nice tech this is the site to go to

    I will Appreciate any help So Much

    Thanks A bUnch!!!

    Mark !


    Also if u need to know any more info like the model of the head or what so just Let Me know!
  2. radnam

    radnam TS Rookie Posts: 29


    I guess the best place to search for help would be with apple itself. May br some issues with the headphones that your friend is using.

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