Troubles with HP OfficeJet 5610 printer

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Oct 14, 2012
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  1. Before I start I want you to know that the printer works. When I plugged it into my computer, it was automatically recognized, drivers were downloaded from windows update and I was printing in less than a minute. When I plunged it into my friends laptop (the actual owner) the issues begin.

    The troubled computer is HP laptop with Win7 x64. When I plugged it in via same USB cable I used with mine it was automatically recognized, drivers were downloaded from windows update, but I was not able to print anything. I went to HP website and downloaded the entire software package and still nothing. When I am in the devices and printers window the computer recognizes when the printer is plugged in and and when it is not. But I can not even print a test page. The funny thing is that I can scan from the printer to the laptop, but I can not print to it.There are other printers connected to the laptop both network and USB and they work just fine.

    Here is what I did so far:
    • I tried the automatically installed drivers
    • I downloaded the HP recommended drivers
    • I have restarted the spooler
    • There is nothing stuck in the job list
    • I have manually removed HP drivers and started again
    • I have used the HP driver removal tool (maximum level) and started again
    • I have set the printer to print directly to printer and bypass the spooler
    And I still can not print but I can scan. Any thoughts anyone?
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    How much Ram in laptop? Available space on HDD?
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    This is a THREE YEAR OLD THREAD :sigh:
  5. Yes, I realize now was.

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