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By souton
Feb 25, 2014
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  1. Hello,

    I hope someone can assist me. I recently bought a new PC back in April of last year and it came with Windows 8. After I got my PC up and running I made a recovery disk in Windows. I eventually ended up upgrading to Windows 8.1. Now I'm wanting to format my PC and when I boot from the recovery disk I made, it's pretty much useless. When I try to reset my PC, it says "Unable to reset PC. A required drive partition is missing." My PC never came with an actual recovery disk, only the drivers. Will I have to buy a Windows disk now? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    You need to get in touch with the vendor or the maker.

    Recovery works this way. Better systems have both a repair, and a "destructive", full reinstall.

    In the "repair mode", Windows is repaired from a copy installed on the main HDD, usually named "D:/".

    A full reinstall wipes the entire drive, and installs a fresh copy of Windows to the "D:/" partition it creates in the process.

    In some instances, the factory bundled app, ("crapplications", "bloatware", etc.) are either included in the Windows disc, or supplied separately.

    Technically, every OEM installation, needs to be "imaged", so that it isn't a true Windows disc.

    In other cases, the BIOS of the motherboard is "tattooed", which includes an administrator password, preventing the install of any other copy of Windows other than the maker's restore image into the machine.

    Separate, "drivers" are new to me. They have been included in the Windows restore disc image, at least in the past

    Refer to sentence one above.
  3. souton

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    Thanks, I had the feeling I would need to make a call

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