Trying to reformat without Windows CD, using USB

By Curiosity101
Jun 3, 2010
  1. IF anyone out there would be kind enough to guide me down the right direction... Im trying to reformat a laptop but the laptop does not have a cd/dvd drive...I do not want to purchase a external drive i want to know how to reformat using a thumb drive. So i have the entire Operating system cd (windows xp pro) copied to external hard drive with all the files and so forth...its just a little different apposed just popping in the CD and it loading the files for you automatically after your press any key to boot from cd.. Now i know how to change the boot sequences so that i can boot from Usb.. just a little unclear...If anyone can help me out with some step by step instructions it would be much appreciated.
  2. raybay

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    You must tell us a great deal more about the system and configuration, and where your Windows XP pro comes from... Do you have your Windows XP Pro available on disk? Or how did migrate it to the flash drive. Tell us brand and model, or motherboard specs.
    Normally boot sequences are set-up in your BIOS... A few make a flash drive possible, while most do not.
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  4. superty12

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    Did it work

    Did it work?! Please post back!
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